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Deiondra sanders naked

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Yall seen them pics of Deiondrea?

The daughter of the former cornerback has had plenty of rumors spread about her over the last few years, including a relationship with wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. I like your tits. I saw the name Deaondria Sanders and said: Worry about yourself and not your daddy's business and his soon 2 be ex-wife wheeew Deindria was def cuter brown in my opinion, nothing worse than a girl that doesnt embrace her brown skin.

Don't have an account? Nia looks a little Natalie Nunn ish…. Deiondra sanders naked. No I did not recognize her. This chick right here is a D lister at best…. There will be some unkind words on twitter soon.

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The young lady is of age and she obviously sent the pics to the wrong person. What we do know for sure is that Sanders provided support — financially and maybe emotionally — for Nia. Princess Pleasure Me says: I know you dont care to know if i have kids but I have none, and Im from Jersey, gosh I usually dont pull out my freak card on my intro: I like Pilar Sanders but she not the same chick that was on prime time love the 1st reality show. You prolly dont care about embarassment since you got nude images on the net.

Preshate that SunRise how u be? Its like you read my thoughts! I guess you can have all the money in the world, have successful wealthy parents, and the chance to grow in the spotlight and still be not happy with yourself.

Deiondra sanders naked

You encouraging this child to be all mixxy in grown folks business, speaks volumes about you. He's a UMass grad, loves sports, indie music, TV, movies and you. Where did you see this beautiful action that you mentioned?

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She is good friends with Sheneka Adams.

Those are the ONLY ways people get chit for free. Nude fingering videos. Man I think my link is more suited for you. His daughter seemed quite happy and confident in those pics and will have to face the same drama as Skylar Diggs because of her public lifestyle or shadowing of her parents. She tweeted " HowYouDidntKnow but yo boxes have been packed for weeks now" with the above pic. Primeeeee Time She looks good, I'd beat.

Music, Concerts, Sports, Theater, Comedy and more. Dallas Cowboys No upcoming events. Man, I thought about you when I was looking at Amber busting it wide open…. Can you clear up any rumors there?? Dimpz, I know that that was my very own personal Hello. If Pillar whooped her ass, I couldn't say I wouldn't blame her. Homemade big tit movies. I see her all the time in Atlanta P. Deiondra sanders naked. You will get a prize. That reminded me of the pics chicks that do p-flicks take. Pilar is who I want to see.

This is really sad. In the new age media world that we live in, no one is safe and the sooner people understand that, the less likely things like this will happen.

Deion Sanders' daughter Deiondra made a splash on the web today when nude photos of the her were leaked. Not believing he was totally faithful though. Aug 26, 3. Naked women on all fours. Because at this pint she appears to be a worsy hoe than Pilar herself. I know Chad through my dad. Maybe if we pay him no mind, he'll go away. Why do this to them? When it comes to other sites and their content, while I may have my personal feelings about it, I never make it public.

What kind of role model is that? You look exactly like your daddy

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