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When this guest checked out the housekeepers found pictures of his ex torn up and a deflated blowup doll covered in a white substance. I avoided his gaze like it was the fucking death star. Hot celebrity nude pics. Caught naked hotel. Do you pretend to be asleep? He just repeated "this isn't good! Watch hot guys exposing themselves and jerking off in public.

I went in the back to call the cops. I assume they could have been sued for the six weeks right? Now groups of kids with multiple rooms usually prop their doors open bad idea so they can visit amongst each other throughout the night, well apparently this one room hadn't bother to close their door yet and some guy had walked into their room, entered the bathroom that a girl was in and then ran off down the hall to the stairwell when the girls saw him and started screaming.

Arizona lawmakers move to pass raises for strik Well, I used to work in a really cheap hotel as a roomkeeper - one room we went into one time - the bed was absolutely SOAKED with blood from the crotch region, since thats where the spots were - and the bathroom was made up into a child's playpen.

So I had to do my job and open the wine bottle and pour these gents a couple of glasses, and trying not to stare at anything I started looking around the room and noticed that the guy in the bed had a wedding ring goin on. Unknown 12 months ago Indian? This story is about girl who I suspected was a hooker. We are a exhbitionist niche site that will fulfill your wildest fantasies. These stories don't all take place at the same hotel, or in the same town, but they all happened to me.

Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. I immediately backed out of the room, and called my GM.

Watch my videos on xtube. Unexpected error occurred, please contact support. Big tits huges. The next morning when he came in to pay the damages off and properly check out of the room he was staying overnight at the police station was a very awkward one. Send Your contacts are required to solve the issue quickly! It turns out this guys name was Charlie, and thats about all he really new besides that he was looking for a bathroom and didn't find one until he found the girl's one, when they started screaming he pissed himself in fright and ran away to the stairwell, where he then managed to pull down his pjs because they were wet and cold.

Very over the top. I also enjoy other sexual activity as well, which obviously you don't, but perhaps you don't get any at all, hence the rage. Left behind in the bedside stand was a pair of handcuffs and a Lomo fisheye camera.

A group of 6 doctors and lawyers, 3 of them guys and 3 of them women, who all knew each other since high school and were in town for a reunion, got kicked out of the hotel for being too loud and scaring other guests. I worked at a very upscale little boutique inn on the coast of Maine. I've had a man walking up and down the halls masturbating to any women of any age he could find.

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My cock is twitching. A naked mom. Jan 11 4, Flush it. I worked in a reservations office for a hotel associated with an amusement park. The top floor of the hotel had two penthouses, one would become a casino, the other, a whorehouse. My mother and aunt teamed up against my father and uncle.

Watch the best nude in public flasher videos on the web. Caught naked hotel. So I had to do my job and open the wine bottle and pour these gents a couple of glasses, and trying not to stare at anything I started looking around the room and noticed that the guy in the bed had a wedding ring goin on. Another hour later, the woman calls down and asks for six razors, six towels. I laugh and tell him to go back to his room before I call the police. Nude scene 2016. Dude that picked up the phone was obviously fucked up. A few years ago I dated a girl that worked the night shift at a Hampton in.

Unknown 1 year ago Everytime I watch her beautiful nakedness I cum! My first two days working during one of these events were wholly uneventful, except for seeing a bunch of great cars everywhere.

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I briefly considered following him, but I went to Wendy's instead. Shortly after, a guy took off his clothes and jumped in after her. Inappropriate posts may be removed by the moderator.

We all called him "Spiderman" for the rest of the trip. Apparently the woman had tried to commit suicide. I immediately backed out of the room, and called my GM. They asked for an eviction notice I can't help but wonder what he did to freak out that low rent hooker Now she also has a "boyfriend" who may or may not have been some kind of bodyguard. Unknown 1 year ago Simply exciting The Jesters are a branch of the Shriners. Paris women nude. But the best part was that he had no idea he had forgotten it, so he would start speaking in German and be rambling for a while and then I'd look at him and be like "dude, WHAT?

The police came to the motel with a search warrant for a particular room, so the manager complied. Unknown 1 year ago dam I got hard I wanna fuck her every night.

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Sperm Shower in the Hotel lobby. Kandi burruss nude pics. I asked readers whether they'd ever been accidentally exposed. In fact, the lover he has had the longest since he was about 16 and he is now almost 40 is married with 4 grown sons, and my cousin we'll call him Jack regularly has dinner at his house with his family who just HAS to know.

You must post a clear and direct question in the title. Jessie rogers big tits Two guests got into the basement and emptied the icemaker on to the floor. Also, mental note, if I'm ever in this situation, I should act mentally handicapped: He, like most people, didn't notice our very visible security camera in the corner of the room.

They tell him that he must file a report but it wasn't prostitution because "we didn't pay", and the hotel would be liable for damages. I called out, "you want the cops? Up close, it was obviouse both were on drugs, most likely meth. They came off the elevator into the lobby covered in blood. Caught naked hotel. I didn't think anything of it until seconds later I hear water pouring out.

We could kick them out sporadically, but I really didn't have the resources to make sure they stayed out. Would have loved if she was clean shaved, so her vulva was more discernible, to tease.

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