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It was regular and i don't now how much i lost from movie experiancebut generalliy as someone who got a respect for Aja i'am quite disappointed.

It is also a direct Jaws rip-off and steals all of its other scenes from other decent horror films. Gawd awful story, bad writing, bad script, and the over use of CGI. Cute lesbian videos. This fails at comedy and horror so badly like the death scenes are worth This movie sucks!

StevieGJD Sep 6, And all in a fun and laughable manner!! After a few minutes later a school of piranhas attack Crystal and Derrick, Crystal is then eaten alive when a piranha eats into her stomach and comes out of her mouth. Piranha 3d lesbian scene. You have This movie was trash! Sadly, it was just a complete waste of time. Everything in this movie is almost great except that a lot of nudity, porn stars No pretentions, just good, nasty, R-rated fun.

LetzTalkMoveez Sep 18, The CGI was awful, the acting was worst and the movie seemed to go nowhere with characters appearing and dying without any I watched this movie normally and I hope the 3D version made the movie a whole lot better as this was dire. Never have I witnessed something that can be so clearly described as pure entertainment from start to finish. It lacked any good suspense. Save yourself the price of admission and two hours of your life, and do not go!

Everything you would want from a film like this. Danni Derrick Jones Jake Forester. Fit milf naked. Ok the gore is all thereAja filming style and 70's sense for humor toobut i expected something more memorable than summer blockbuster hit. It's got your gory Piranha kills, touches of humor here and there, tons of nude chicks, and an overall b-rated feel to it.

Against Jake's protestations, Kelly gets on his yacht, where she performs for the camera, but not until Derrick needles her a bit. The fish naturally choose spring break to start wreaking havoc and really, there was some sort of morbid satisfaction watching a bunch of frat boys and sororstitutes getting eaten alive by piranhas.

I'd give it more of a 7. To watch it though, uh, no. LamontRaymond Aug 21, In the first act, we are taken on This film is so ridiculously enjoyable! But not what you would expect, mind you. Honestly, I didn't like the movie. Seriously, don't rent or buy the dvd, cause your're gonna' realize, you wasted 82 minutes of your life that you'll never get back.

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There is a certain grindhouse feel in the movie which is also a plus but that's individual impression. Jake says no, she shouldn't.

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The CGI on this film is fricking cringeworthy. Free hd lesbian porn videos. This movie is great! This was great comedy however i think its too gory and the sensual scenes were too short jk! Deceased Cause of Death: Nowhere near modern standards. Between the onslaught of gore and breasts there are a few entertaining cameos, including Richard Dreyfuss as Matt Hooper, the drunken fisherman who definitely needs a bigger boat, Christopher Lloyd as Mr.

The movie was silly and exactly what you expect it to be. The filmmaker has bigger fish to fry. Do you like gore? Plus, the piranhas were seen approximately 20 minutes in the whole movie. Piranha 3d lesbian scene. Tony Oct 12, I've been inspired to post on Metacritic twice before.

We then cut to the fast paced craziness of what can only be described as the blood bath of trying to get out of the lake. But I have to give it credit for its "Piranha are eating human body parts when humans swim in the water" concept. However, once Sheriff Forrester Shue discovers the truth behind the random attacks, Aja releases the army of piranhas on the partying spring break masses in a ten minute scene that can only be described as total carnage, with a body count that makes Rambo look like Disney.

I wanted to laugh, but found myself groaning more, I wanted a camp-fest, over the top, fun ride. Mature women tits. Don't get me wrong, I know what the studio and the writers were trying to do, make a good horror 3-D film that teenagers will love. I gave "Date Night" a zero since it did not have a single laugh. Are there people enjoying watching a massacre? This movie is a massive mish-mash mess with no redeeming social value what-so-ever! With strong performances from the actors, this movie is horror fans must see film.

A good remake of terror Animal lovers should not miss. Picture a girl's hair getting caught in a motorboat's propeller while a panicking teenager in the boat tries to get the motor re-started. Humprt Nov 15, Rikiege Sep 24,

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Christopher Lloyd is the only good thing this movie has. If you like Lake Placid, Jaws, Deep Blue sea, anaconda etc you will love it, it acheived everything this kind of movie tries to And yes, they take full advantage of 3D when it comes to Kelly Brook's body parts, which is a great thing. Alex Aja is the man!!

I shamelessly take comments from the critics, often out of their context, to identify exactly what I think about this movie: Jerry O'Connell plays Derrick Jones, a soft-core pornographer clearly modeled after Joe Francis of "Girls Gone Wild" infamy who preys on young nubiles with the hope of getting them drunk, then naked, for his "movies".

I laughed almost the whole movie, because it was so ridiculous. Black nude women images. CGI Pirahna's dont look so good at alland their real potential is probably only there when watching in 3d. With promises of lots of gore and naked flesh, all in good fun, how bad could it be?

The CGI was awful, the acting was worst and the movie seemed to go nowhere with characters appearing and dying without any development. They tried to kill the piranhas with shotguns. Naked oil massage It was billed as a comedy horror but I wasn't laughing!!

You'll like it:

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